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Starting in 1986, Martin Dunn build his coaching business from scratch, training thousands of surfers in Australia and around the globe.

He was New South Wales State Coach on 10 occasions, Australian Head Coach at 12 ISA world championships, and Peruvian Head Coach 3x.

“From the surfers that I seriously trained, over 25 qualified for the elite WSL world tour, along with numerous other international successes.”

All this developmental experience and success has given Martin an unequaled understanding of what it takes to surf well – which is comprehensively shared throughout the site.

What the Pros think about Martin’s coaching

Successful surfers & teams who have been trained by Martin

Julian Wilson, Kanoa Igarashi, Connor O’Leary, Wade Carmichael, Soli Baily, Matt Banting, Hiroto Ohhara, Ben Dunn, Bethany Hamilton, Sally Fitzgibbons, Lakey Peterson, Nikki Van Dijk, Bronte Macauley, Sage Erickson, Amaro Tsuzuli, Jessi Miley-Dyer, Team Australia, Team Peru, and many many more…..


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“I always knew that surf training could be done like a university course. And having it available online is absolutely amazing.” Dean, California


Training with Australia’s most successful surf coach, no matter your location or access to the beach.

Training that has been at the forefront of surf coaching for over three decades.

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Martin Dunn’s Many Clients
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Training with Australia’s most successful surf coach means accessing decades of techniques and effective training methods.

I’m a better coach by having access to Martin and the knowledge he is willing to share.

Adam Robertson – Surfing Victoria CEO

Becoming a Year Long Subscriber to your Site and Program is the best gift I ever gave my Surfing !

Adam, Tasmania, July 2020

with your help i have made a huge leap forward in my surfing.
I dont think i have improved for 30 years. You unlocked something for me with your clear and simple illustration of where i am going wrong.

Aidan – Scotland, July, 2021

Martin is an extremely qualified and skillful coach and has more experience in the field than anyone that I can think of

Barton Lynch – 1988 World Champion

Martin Dunn’s new program is the best that I have encountered anywhere.

Bill Cobb – Florida

I consider Martin to be the leader in the field of surf coaching

Bradford Lee – Queensland

I am convinced he could improve the abilities of any surfer

Chelsea Hedges – 2004 ASP world champion

Martin is a surf coach of integrity with the highest professional standards.

Van Dijk Family – Victoria

Martin’s motivation and wisdom has been vital in establishing a development structure for Surfing Tasmania

Shane Clarke – Surfing Tasmania

“Thanks so much for all the amazing information! Now I feel like I get better most surfs !!!”

Samuel, New Zealand, April 2020