Advancing A Surfing Performance

Those surfers who want to “push” their surfing into a more elite level of surfing, can do so in a number of ways.

They can:

  • Make their existing manouvres bigger
  • Work on performing their manoeuvres in full control
  • Look to perform their combinations tighter in the pocket
  • Surf “without hesitation” as they surf down the line
  • Introduce variety into their surfing performances
  • Learn how to perform the progressive manoeuvres of surfing

The advanced manoeuvres of surfing are often just an extension of their minor manoeuvre cousins. That is, many are simply performed higher……., tighter……., or are more committed – usually in full control.

So its important to perfect the minor manoeuvres of surfing first, creating the necessary “base” off which to confidently develop advanced surfing later.

Surfers will get “smashed” when trying to advance their surfing. Expect it! But if they have a solid base, a clear understanding of the manoeuvre or skill their want to perfect, and the motivation to work through the many failures they will encounter – advanced surfing is in reach for most surfers who embark on improving their performances.

Advancing A Surfing performance