Glute Training Tips and Techniques For Surfers

“The Importance of Strengthening your Hips”

 Your hips are your driver! Strong glutes control your pelvis and protect you from compensating in your lower back and knees.

 A lot of surfers have the limitation of not being able to bend or crouch with ease. This is particularly true for taller surfers. This can be caused by lack of use or past injury to the ankles, knees, hips or lower spine. Lack of use or previous injury leads to mobility and strength deficits.

We sit a lot and generally do not move our hips a lot. This leads to stiff hips and compensation through the knees and lower spine. Commonly, strengthening hip extension (glutes, hamstrings) can help improve hip mobility and function, as well as offset lower back strain. Hip rotation is key to improving overall hip mobility.

Below is a short video outlining key hip mobility exercises supplied by Exercise Physiologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach – Michelle Drielsma of A 15 minute hip mobility routine is also now available for subscribers in the membership section of martin

Glute Training Tips And Techniques