Maintaining Speed in Flat Sections

A difficult situation that all surfers face is maintaining their speed in flat sections on the waves they ride. Often surfers hop through these sections, when they could surf rail to rail – or they perform hard “snap” type manoeuvres instead of a cutback or carve manoeuvre.

If speed is to be maintained, surfers should try to draw a longer arc by bending their body and reaching for the waves surface. This puts the surfboard onto its rail, allowing the surfer to utilise the wave’s power effectively, and draw a longer controlled arc – maintaining their speed in the process.

So when faced with a flat section, drive off the bottom and as you near the top of the wave, lean and bend your body, reach for the wave’s surface, and hold this body position for the count of one [or for two if performing a cutback].

Maintaining Speed In Flat Sections