Online Presentations to Peruvian Surfers in April/May, 2020

Over the past 6 weeks [April & May, 2020] I was asked to prepare and present online presentations to surfers in Lima Peru. These surfers are members of the Club Regatta surfing squad, a team of over 80 surfers . Working with elite Peruvian surf coach – Sebastian Alarcon, the presentations were conducted in both English and Spanish.

Martin & Sebastian with Peruvian grommets

Each presentation was presented via Zoom and was for 60-90 minutes in duration.Topics presented:

  • “Breaking Performance Barriers”
  • “Developing Scoring Ability”
  • “Developing Strategic Thinking”
  • “The Advanced Manoeuvres Of Surfing”
  • Conversation with Ben Dunn – former world tour surfer and now WSL judge