Preparing for a surf trip – In-water skills

DJI00014Its such a buzz when you start to plan a surf trip. Deciding where to go, who to travel with, and the waves you are likely to be riding – really gets the stoke going for every surfer. The anticipation of the waves and pristine ocean conditions the surfer will encounter is really a pleasure.

In preparation – you think about getting fitter, sort your equipment, and possibly research all there is to know about your destination, so you are are fully informed before you arrive. You can also work on your surfing, so you are more confident when paddling out and surfing over unfamiliar reefs.

Working on the skills below would really help most surfers feel more confident upon arrival at their final destination and when in the water at the unfamiliar surf breaks.

Paddle harder into your waves, energising at takeoff, compressing more off the bottom, breaking your top fin out off the top, and “Lipline” your finishes

This video explains the skills in some detail.