Surf Better Through Skype

SkypeAustralia’s most experienced surf coach – Martin Dunn, is offering a new coaching service in2015. That is, coaching surfers from around the globe through Skype. Surfers, parents, or other surf coaches can benefit from his 30 years of on-the-beach coaching simply by:

– Uploading surfing footage of the surfer that wants to surf better, and send him the link.

– The footage will be reviewed and a presentation will be created to share during the online meeting via Skype

– Martin will meet the surfer via Skype at the pre-arranged time and review the surfing footage together. The real advantage here is that the surfer/parent can ask questions as we review the footage together, allowing for the full comprehension of how the surfer’s performance can be improved.

– A summary video of the Skype meeting will be created and sent to the surfer for ongoing focus on  the skills discussed.

Any surfer from anywhere in the world can now get direct access in real time with Australia’s most successful surf coach. Contact Martin today for more info.