Surf training to improve daily performances

IMG_0164Good surfing is all about showing speed, control and commitment. Often developing surfers are good at some aspects of their performances, but not at others. Working on all areas of surfing, by focusing on them one at a time, is a proven way to develop the whole performance. Pick a performance area from the list below and focus on doing that skill the best you can to improve the whole performance package.


Speed:                    Creating and maintaining your speed for a wave’s duration

Depth:                    Taking off deep and maintaining depth throughout your rides. Depth can be created by the surfer trying to always come from behind the section by performing their bottom turns under the foamball of their waves.

Vertical:                Trying to surf more vertical is another way surfers can turbo-charge their performances. That is, by trying to hit the section 12 o’clock high. Every extra degree of verticalness expresses more commitment and skill.

Flow:                        Once your speed has been created, try to maintain your speed and flow by performing the most appropriate moves in sections faced.

No hesitation:    Once you have performed your first major manoeuvre of your ride, try to go into the next major manoeuvre without hesitation. So – as you come out of your 1st major manoeuvre, look above your head to see what manoeuvre is the most immediate and most appropriate for the section about to be surfed.

Progressive:        When appropriate, work on your variety of repertoire and putting it into the air

Finishing:              The best surfers always finish their waves. You need to have a high success rate on a daily basis [80% and above ], in all surf conditions faced. A successful finish is assessed only when a surfer performs a final manoeuvre, gets in front of the foam, and kicks out purposefully.

Performance wont improve immediately, but what focusing intently on a skill does is increase the quality of the performance, and with improvements in quality comes improvements in the whole performance over time.

If your not sure about what needs to be worked upon, why not get a FREE “health check” of your surfing simply by posting a video of your surfing and sending the link to Martin Dunn at [email protected] or visit his website for more information.