Taking-off Deep Really Can Enhance A Performance

Did You Know - Deep Take-offs


Good positioning on the peak at take-off is a skill that all surfers should proactively learn. Where a surfer takes off on their waves has a huge bearing on the quality of the first manoeuvre performed and for the risk and commitment displayed by a surfer.

Surfers can take-off:

  • on the shoulder of a wave,
  • on the peak,
  • behind the peak,
  • from a too-deep position,
  • on closeouts,
  • or simply they can take-off too late.

All take-off positions can create outcomes that can either be good or bad for a surfer’s performance. Making sensible decisions on where a surfer takes-off on their waves will contribute to the ultimate success they achieve. It is highly recommended that surfers should only take-off on the peak or behind the peak, and say “NO” to all other take-off decisions.