The Simple Secret to Surfing Success

In surfing there are a number of fundamental skills which must be perfected before surfers can achieve consistent success. One of these key skills is assuming a low, centered, body position to complete all major manoeuvres attempted. This is extremely important at the end of progressive moves and when faced with a difficult end-section.

The perfect body position to assume when landing advanced manoeuvres is a chest over front knee body body position. This body shape positions the surfer directly over the stringer of the surfboard with the surfboard becoming perfectly flat making for an incredibly stable landing platform. With this body position assumed, the surfer can more readily handle the landing forces and the exploding lip as it tries to knock them off their feet.

The thing is though, many surfers don’t focus on the importance of this body position when landing manoeuvres. They stay too tall in their stance, or land more over their heels – both making errors more likely. All surfers should practice “snapping” into this perfect body shape on a regular basis, so that when they are attempting difficult manoeuvre they will instinctively assume their “Chest over front knee” body shape, and with that – more success on a daily basis.