Video Review Of A Recreational Surfer from Wave pool footage

A just completed video review of a recreational surfer from wave pool footage was recently featured in “Wave Pool Magazine”.  Check out the story and video below:

WavePoolMag correspondent Hannah Bristow – partner at KellySaysSurf, a YouTube channel “full of faceplants, fun and surfing fails” — shelved her ego and said “Yes” to a video coaching session with Martin Dunn. 

A fixture in the UK surf scene, Hannah emphasised to us that this is her first coaching session, “unless you count all the times random dudes paddled up to me in the lineup and said ‘you know, you should try not to put your knee on the board when you pop up.” 

But surf coach Martin is more Mister Spock than mansplaining Spicoli offering unsolicited advice in the lineup. In this intermediate coaching clip he gets all logical and breaks down Hannah’s triumphs and failures.

“As a tool, wave pools could realize spectacular results in a shortened time frame for those motivated surfers willing to do the work,” says Martin, coach to 20 WCT world tour qualifiers and Team Australia. “But like any tool, the technicians who will be advising the surfers must also be up to the job.”

After watching just a few waves of Hannah’s from a session this past winter at The Wave in Bristol, Martin had a few video coachingrecommendations including working on pop up and arm movement. Hannah says the clip provides great insight into her technique. 

“It’s super helpful! Yeah, I always hated my pop up,” she told us in a text. “I deffo need to not swing my arm so much and turning my head is something I always forget on re entry. If I remember to do it, it really pushes the tail out and gets some release, I’ll work on it for sure!”

Video Review - Hannah Bristow


The full “Wave Pool Magazine” article can be viewed here.