WavePool surfer’s video review

Wavepools are definitely places for surfers to have fun, but are also great new training venues for motivated surfers. This video highlights the areas of performance that this training surfer could improve, along with training suggestions they could employ.

Any surfer with video footage of themselves could get it reviewed and receive training recommendations individualised to their needs, through Martin’s video review service. Long term, getting a review would be better for a surfer’s performance than just about anything else they could do.  Two types of review are available:

  1.     Send footage for review:  Martin creates a training video, and supplies a written report, and training simulations.
  2. Book a “live” video review: Book an hour long session to review and discuss your surfing in real time.

Both types of review are used by frothing grommets, surfing mums, & weekend warriors, – right up to WCT surfers. All are looking for the “What do i need to do?” to better my surfing.  One 2021 WCT surfer said to me upon receiving my review:

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the detail and time you’ve put into giving me valuable feedback. I’ve never worked with someone who’s this quick at providing detailed feedback. I really appreciate it, and I should have done this years ago!
Upon receipt of video footage, video reviews are normally completed within 5 working days.